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Glaube Liebe Hoffnung Plugs

Mesozoic Weights

Mesozoic Weights

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These large and heavy weights bring a piece of the Mesozoic era into your jewelry collection thanks to the gold-colored ammonites.

Can be worn from size: 5mm
Dimensions: approx. 55 x 40mm
Weight per piece: approx. 36g

Sales unit

This design is sold as a pair.


This design is made of brass and natural stone. The natural materials used may vary slightly from the product image in shape, color and size.


This design is hung openly into the stretched ear holes.

Care instructions

  • Don't drop the jewelry
  • Remove the jewelry before sleeping, showering, bathing, etc
  • Clean your jewelry with a slightly damp or dry microfiber cloth
  • Store multiple pieces of jewelry separately to avoid wear and tear
  • Only wear the jewelry in healed ear piercings
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